Paul Smith: The Art Of The Sneaker

A Paul Smith sneaker collection, reinterpreted, reimagined and reframed through the eyes of a few of Britain’s up-and-coming artists.


The Fermi: Sophie Stalder & Hannah Coen

Why did you become artists?

“We have always expressed ourselves visually which naturally drove us to be curious and playful in our artistic approach. We both became really interested in digital art and started collaborating and combining our skills over two years ago. 3D Design also allows us to push the boundaries of the physical and bring our imagination to life, which is incredibly fulfilling.

”How would you describe your artistic styles?

“As we have similar taste, our styles complement each other. We both take inspiration from fashion, art, and architecture which means that our outcomes merge different concepts. Our work is often inspired by the interplay between form and function in fashion, as well as the use of shape, colour, and texture in art and architecture.”

What inspired your concept for Paul Smith?

“We really inspected what the brand represented to us. We wanted to incorporate the elegance of Paul Smith without undermining its playful aspect. That is why we used the coloured stripes as our focal point. The signature use of vibrant colours, bold shapes, and unexpected details is what inspired us the most.”

Describe the process of creating the piece? What was your favourite part?

“We started by using photogrammetry to capture over 150 photos that allowed us to transform our shoe into a 3D object. We created a digital environment surrounding the shoe and integrated a silk material as an embodiment of Paul Smith’s brand identity. Our favourite part was digitalizing the shoe, as it later allowed us to experiment with the environments, we imagined for it.
”What do you want people to think, feel and experience when they see your work?

“We want people to feel soothed and happy and to truly experience the brand through our eyes. By showing different angles, textures and materials, we offer a journey through the versatility of the shoe.”